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Global Hindu Institute

Global Hindu Institute (GHI) is a unique think tank effort that is primarily purposed towards Hindu ideological empowerment. The Institute provides a platform for thinkers, writers, scholars, students, and commentators from both formal and non-formal sectors to research, debate and publish on topics in political, social, economic and cultural spheres of life that are relevant to the Hindu society.

GHI is a unique effort in the sense that it neither has, nor enforces, a constricted ideological framework for its work, which is a case with majority of the think tanks, as the term “think tank” is understood in the contemporary parlance.

GHI is further uniquely predisposed to not ally with nor support any social movement or a political organization (against another movement or organization). Instead, it serves all, regardless of the political flavour, whatever is relevant to the Hindu society. GHI has developed this orientation driven by and coming close to the classical Hindu Dharmic position of the autonomy of thinking classes from the political and economic classes.  This is not the case with the think tanks in the West or Christian or Islamic seminaries, which are predisposed to serving their political masters and economic benefactors, or a pre-ordained dogma encapsulated in a fixed position theology. In the West, the scholarship serves certain theological, political and economic interests. In contrast, in the framework of Hinduism, the scholarship guides all political and economic classes towards the larger goal of serving the Hindu society, and is always subject to healthy internal dialectics of ideas and positions.

GHI provides a functionally autonomous work environment to individual thinkers and scholars or groups working on a specific topic. GHI offers structured intellectual development processes to the thinking and the scholar community, including but not limited to proposal development, a time bound work plan, connectivity with like-minded peers and peer review, seminars, workshops and community presentations. GHI makes available a plethora of resources to its member community, limited only by funding and availability, including but not limited to, electronic resources, reference research and compilation, library access, access to publications and publishers.

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