Both individuals and institutions can become affiliates of the Global Hindu Foundation (GHF), by paying an annual affiliation fees.

Individual Affiliates

Becoming a GHF affiliate enables an individual to take part in various GHF activities. The activities may include being part of current projects, or work on proposals for project development. Only individual affiliates are eligible for tenureship – based on performance and other criteria – and become part of the Collegium of the GHF, that serves as the main advisory body and the electoral college for the election of the board members.

Institutional Affiliates

Hindu organizations are eligible to become institutional affiliates. Upon institutional affiliation, GHF will work with the affiliated institutions in variety of ways, including but not limited to: leveraging of human resources, offering customized classes and workshops, and consulting and advisement. The President / Chief Executive Officer of the institution should contact the Foundation to discuss terms of affiliation.

Affiliation Process

The GHF reserves the right to reject any application for affiliation, either from individuals or institutions, for any reason that it finds fit. Both individual and institutional affiliations have different puroses, hence run in parallel. Individual affiliates take part in GHF activities, whereas institutional affiliates are recipients and consumers of GHF output.

For further information on both trpes of affiliation please contact us.

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