Bharatvarsha (aka India), the only homeland of Hindus, with its borders drastically reduced (due to the grand compromise made in 1947), is naturally seen in world affairs through the prism of Hinduism’s perceived escapism. As a result, India is not taken very seriously in world affairs. Conduct of Indian leaders matches this perception – be it India’s foreign minister playing escort to a bunch of terrorists, or the patronizing attitude that it is treated by world powers. Such pusillanimous conduct is also reflected in popular culture and the media. Hindu classes salivate at the mere presence of a non-Indian celebrity on Indian soil and makes the young (and old) break into frenzy. And mere mention of India or an Indian on the lips of foreigners and non-Hindus become certificates of approval that Hindus readily seek.

The atypical Hindu conduct and character is so bereft of organic ideas, such that it readily breaks into hero-worshipping of any kind. Diminutive men are made into Gods. And their small victories are made out to be big achievements. On the other hand, when these very Gods fail to deliver, there is complete dejection and gloom all over. While the Western/Secular/Christian, Islamists and the Chinese have a firm worldview, and their respective member populations work assiduously and selflessly towards their respective civilizational missions, the Hindus often work (if and when they at all work) for personal ego-satisfaction and self-aggrandizement.

These are the symptoms of a people who have been culturally and mentally colonized, in spite of the fact that it is the spiritual, intellectual and cultural foundations of Hinduism that have withstood the tests of the times.

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